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Tanzania Safari

Book for Season 2024

Tanzania Safari

Book for Season 2024

Tanzania Safari

Book for Season 2024

Tanzania Safari

Book for Season 2024

Tanzania Safari

Book for Season 2024

Tanzania Safari

Book for Season 2024

Tanzania Safari

Book for Season 2024

Tanzania Safari

Book for Season 2024

Tanzania Safari


All set for 2024 season open for safari all-year round! If it times well with your visit, don’t miss the Migration Calving season from January to April or the Migration Crossing from July to October. Check out our popular tours below or visit our Great Wildebeest migration page for more information. Book them as it is or use them to inspire your safari planning. We also customize tours from scratch. Search the web with the best deals you think you can find from a reliable tour operator and we will try to price match them. 

Migration Calving season from January to April

5 Days Wildebeest Migration Calving Safari
From USD 2,348 pp

7 Days The Great Wildebeest Migration Calving Safari
From USD 2,863 pp.

Migration Crossing from July to October

5 Days Serengeti Great Migration Safari
From USD 2,875 pp

7 Days The Great Serengeti Migration Safari
From USD 3,275 pp.

Top Tanzania Safari Tours available all-year round:

3 Days Classic Serengeti Safari.
From USD 1,440*

5 Days Tanzania Under the Skies Safari
From USD 4,138*

6 Days Tanzania Expedition Safari
From USD 2,412*

7 Days Tanzania Wilderness Safari
From USD 2,598*

8 Days Best Northern Tanzania Safari
From USD 3,097*

9 Days Enchanting Tanzania Safari
From USD 8,315*

*Price is per person based on sharing on low season

Tanzania is a top tourist destination in Africa that highlights globally-known parks and stirring wildlife phenomena, an all-year-round safari destination favorite. The country is in East Africa where the Great Migration occurs. Tanzania is home to the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro conservation area, and Selous Game Reserve to name a few. Each with unique charm that lures numerous visitors from around the world every year.



Tanzania is home to the great wildebeest migration safaris where millions of wildebeests move from one place to another in search of greener pastures. In Tanzania, the Great Migration has 2 main events, namely the Calving and River Crossing Safari. 


Tanzania is a year-round destination famous for its rich scenery, density of wildlife, and enriching tribal culture. The country’s northern safari areas are the most visited where the famous Serengeti can be found.


Wake up to the sounds of nature, away from the hustle of city life. From camps, to lodges, and luxury tents, Tanzania has a diverse mix of accommodation that suit all budget and types of travelers from couples, families with small, children, elders, and people with disability. 

Fly-in safari available

Fly in directly to the heart of the action. Save time moving between attractions so that you can see more of the wildlife. This is the perfect way to explore the parks in your itinerary without struggling through dusty and uneven roads. You also get to see much more in less time.

Easily combine with Zanzibar

Cap off your safari with a visit to Zanzibar. Grab a drink and enjoy the pristine beach and white sands. Don’t miss exploring the city of Stonetown and learn about its history, food, and culture. We have Safari and Zanzibar tour combos so you don’t have to worry about any logistics during your trip.


Tanzania is one of Africa’s top safari destinations. The wildlife viewing is out of this world and big cats are especially easy to see. It is home to the world famous Great Migration where thousands of wildebeests roam the Serengeti in search of greener pastures. All members of the Big Five can be found in various Tanzanian parks and reserves, and all five are present in the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park.

4 Day Serengeti Safari Game Package



From 1,999 USD/per person sharing


6 Days Tanzania Expedition Safari



From 2,412 USD/per person sharing


7 Day Tanzania Wilderness Safari



From 2,598 USD/per person sharing



We have our own fleet of vehicles; a mix of 4 and 7 seater custom safari vehicles. Each unit is equipped with hatched roofs and sliding windows most ideal for game viewing, sightseeing, and taking professional photographs. Vehicles are washed and sanitized before departure and are regularly maintained by a professional mechanic to ensure safety and security. All passengers are allotted a window seat and have enough space to move around comfortably. This is crucial when spending up to 10-hours a day of game viewing from the vehicle.

Get a preview of our 4 to 5 seater safari vehicle

Lunch under a canopy

Escape the sun and savor a delicious lunch under our shaded canopy. Indulge in hot soup, appetizers, a hearty main course, and delectable desserts, all while enjoying refreshing drinks such as juice, soft drinks, or beer. Take in the scenic view as you relax on your safari lunch break, knowing that our hot lunch offering is a standard delight exclusively for our guests.

Get a preview of our fine dining experience under the safari canopy


Frequently voted as the best country to visit when searching for wildlife, there are many reasons to choose a Tanzania safari over other African nations. Not only does the country boast one of the broadest ranges of wildlife on the continent, many of the parks still exist without any boundary fences, rare in the modern world and delivering a much more authentic safari experience. Wildlife that is truly – wild. 

The Serengeti is one of the most famous parks in Africa. It is Tanzania’s oldest park and a Unesco World Heritage Site. It is home to the spectacular wildebeest migration and offers top-class wildlife viewing throughout the year. The Serengeti offers some of the best wildlife viewing in Africa. Cheetah and four of the Big 5 can be found. Aside from the big cats, many other predators can be spotted.

The Ngorongoro Crater in Northern Tanzania was once a gigantic volcano and is the largest intact caldera in the world. It was believed that before its eruption, it would have been higher than Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. Today, long since having collapsed and eroded, it is an extensive highland area with the famous 600 m deep Ngorongoro Crater as its focal point. Nearly three million years old, this ancient caldera is home to the most beautiful wildlife sanctuary on earth.

This park is known for the tree-climbing lions, the soda ash lake that attracts thousands and pink flamingos, one of Tanzania’s biggest elephant populations, and breathtaking scenery. Located in the northern part of Tanzania, Lake Manyara National Park is 126 kilometers west of Arusha Town covering an area of 330 sq km.
The Tarangire National Park is most popular for its large elephant herds and mini-wildlife migration that takes place during the dry season which sees about 250,000 animals enter the park. The name Tarangire comes from the Tarangire river which crosses through the park. Different wildlife species drink from the river which is a primary source of water for the animals especially during dry season.


Dry Seasons: Jan–Mar & Jun–Oct

The weather is usually mild and dry from January to March, and also lesser crowd. June to October is safari’s high season, and Tanzania’s major parks like the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara are busy but weather conditions are superb including Tanzania’s coast, Zanzibar.

Green Season: Nov–Dec

The ‘short rains’ season relieve the dry mid-year winter. Clouds build up in the mornings and break in spectacular, but generally short-lived, showers in the late afternoons. Migrant birds return from the northern hemisphere and resident plains game give birth, which means the predator action is thrilling. Landscapes are green and lush, which makes for the perfect photography conditions.

Migration Season: Dec–Sept

The herds usually cross the Grumeti River in the western Serengeti between about May and July. They then move towards the Mara River in the north to cross into the Masai Mara between about July to October. November’s short rains trigger the herds to move back to the Serengeti to give birth during the calving season from January to March – a period renowned for bitter-sweet predator action.


Although game drive is the primary activity in your Tanzania safari, there’s also an extensive list of activities you can add to your itinerary to make for a diverse holiday. These activities are usually not included in a typical safari package but can be added at an extra cost. Choose the activity within your interest and decide for yourself when you want to do it.
Balloon Safari

Witness the beauty of Africa from a bird’s eye view. Balloon Safari is an exhilarating experience that would you give a breath-taking view of the landscape of the park where you hover above large herds of animals. Serengeti is one of the destinations where such activity takes place, and mornings are the perfect time for the activity to witness a colorful view of the heavens.
Tribal Visit

Get to know Tanzania on another level. An opportunity to learn about Tanzania’s tribes and rich culture standing the test of time. Meet for example the Hadzabe tribe, one of the last remaining hunter-gatherer tribes on the planet, who have kept their way of life for thousands of years. Nearby is the Datoge tribe known for their jewelry and weapon making skills. Lastly, don’t miss the famous Masai Tribe and meet the nomadic and pastoralist Maasai people. 
Bird Watching

The wild expanses of Tanzania offers the ultimate paradise for birding enthusiasts especially at the Serengeti National Reserve, Lake Manyara National Park, and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Tanzania is host to over 900 resident and 200 migrant bird species throughout national park and game reserves, while Tarangire National Park boasts 500 species.
Walking Safari

On foot you are a participant in the world of wildlife rather than a spectator, a thrilling and unbeatable safari experience. This activity lets you get in touch with nature, hear the sounds of trees and animals, and genuinely appreciate the experience. In this activity, you will be guided by a professional and there are designated paths to follow.



Zanzibar is home to beautiful islands, alluring seas, colorful corals, and exotic sea creatures, making it the perfect holiday in the sun. A favorite post-safari destination, Zanzibar will relax the senses- just what you need to end your holiday.


Located in Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro is the African continent’s highest peak at 5,895 meters (19,340 feet) and the highest single free-standing mountain above sea level in the world. It has several routes from beginners to advance climbers.



Arusha, the starting point of safaris in the north is a popular hub to experience Tanzania’s city life. Here you can visit local cafes, museums, bars and restaurants. Dar Es Salaam, another popular city destination is a more modern destination that offers much more variety to get to know Tanzania and Tanzanians better.


How does a safari work?

During a safari, you wake up early and have breakfast. The morning often starts with a game drive where you start driving from 8am or so. The guide will drive you to ideal vantage points to track down the animals following them in the wild. Note that in an African safari, no one knows where a lion or elephant would be hanging out that day. Of course, experience, time of the year, and weather among other factors help our guide identify plausible locations so you don’t drive the whole day seeing nothing. But be ready for surprises as you’ll never know if you’ll witness a cheetah hunting its meal or see a family of lions. This is what makes a Tanzania safari truly a once in a lifetime experience. Your guide will also help you pick an excellent spot for your packed lunch and, later on, snacks. The wildebeest migration safari is slightly different from a typical safari because the animals are on the move.

After the day’s tour, you’ll get back to the camp in the afternoon. At dinner, you get to eat heartily and enjoy fireside drinks. Keep in mind that a safari is generally unpredictable, and this plan may change depending on how the events unfold.

How many days should I stay?

Three days is our recommended minimum stay to provide enough time to enjoy a chosen park, for example, the Serengeti. Our ideal duration would be from 5 to 7 days and longer if you wish to see the top parks (around 2-4 parks) without rushing to the next one as well as enjoy your accommodation’s amenities. Note that transfers between parks alone take time.

Is accommodation included in the booking?

All our safaris are inclusive of meals and accommodation for the entire duration of your safari as well as domestic travels to the destination, park & camping fees. Accommodation may be at different places. When we send a proposed itinerary, it will include the lodging that we recommend best based on your budget and preference. Should you wish to receive other accommodation proposals offer or have specific ones in mind, just let us know.

How can I lower the cost of my safari?

One of the best ways to keep your budget at bay is to reduce the number of days of your safari as doing so means you have less no. of days to pay for accommodation, food expense, and park fees, which are paid on a daily basis. Also take in mind the type of accommodation preferred. The midrange option is a great choice for those on a budget. You still get to enjoy great buffet meals, and mid level amenities. Luxury lodges are common in Tanzania but they come with a price to avail amenities such as bath-tub, pool etc…

Is it a good idea to bring kids or elders?

Absolutely! Kids will have fun witnessing life in the wild. You will be in the vehicle most of the time and you can stop as you wish or go on a lower pace as needed, which makes this a great option for elders too. Similarly, most lodges have family-friendly accommodation with no stairs and less walking. The meals are usually a buffet, giving you ample choices for all taste and preference.

What kind of food is served?

Meals provided in your accommodation is usually buffet style. Breakfasts include eggs, potatoes, cereals, bacon/sausage, and toast among others. For dinner, you can expect a variety of soups, salads, local and international meals, rice, pasta, fruits and desserts. At lunch, most guests are out in a safari so they bring a lunchbox with a sandwich, raw veggies, yogurt, juice, hard-boiled eggs, and cookies. However, you can also opt for a hot meal where we can set-up a number of dishes served in buffet trays in an ambient spot where you have a view of the savannah.

For other questions especially on payment and flights, refer to our main FAQ page.


We have welcomed travelers from around the globe and are always excited to receive more. At Gosheni Safaris, having guests is like welcoming family and friends into our home. As a local company, we take pride in this. The work nature just comes second and that it really is about being able to showcase what Tanzania has to offer.


Safari guides play a pivotal role in delivering exceptional safari experiences. That’s why we prioritize ongoing training to ensure our guides consistently meet and exceed customer service expectations. Proficiency in conversational English is a standard for all our guides, and many are also fluent in additional languages such as French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. ´

Get to know them here
See one of our guides in action.
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Gosheni Safaris is a local tour operator and a World Travel Awards recipient in 2021 for Tanzania’s Leading Tour Operator and has recently been nominated this year in the same category. See their excellent customer reviews on Trip Advisor from the UK, US, Europe, and around the globe and find out why they have been a consecutive Traveler’s Choice Awardee for several years now.


Safari guides are a crucial part of a successful safari. All our guides are professionally trained, with years of education, carefully selected, fluent and articulate in conversational English and some can converse in other foreign languages including, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. With their help, our clients will learn about African wildlife as well as acquiring first-hand experience of African hospitality. Meet our Team and Guides.


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